Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions. Should you have another question, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

General questions
Why are you organizing this contest?

We think that a contest will allow us to promote the revolutionary technology of blockchains and smart contracts in a much broader and faster way. By showing great ideas and already developing solutions we aim to improve the awareness of the general public, academics and students, politicians and entrepreneurs. Europe has to gain ground in the digital development and blockchain technology is likely to play a key role in this.

Is it a conference or a hackathon?

None of both, it is a contest (or you might call it a competition) where the best projects are judged by an international jury after your application was reviewed and has been presented by you either in person or via Skype.

Do we have to join an incubator program?

You don’t have to join an incubator program and there is no necessary need to do so. If, for whatever reason, you would like to join an incubator program, there are several programs around and we can help to find the most beneficial one for you.

What is the interest of the sponsors?

They have various reasons why they support this contest. The major reasons are:
• Establish new business co-operations
• Get a better understanding for the technology and its applications
• Partner with startups for cost savings
• Establish business contacts
• Find great investment opportunities
• Generate local awareness and broaden the startup ecosystem

What social media do you use?

We use Facebook for articles and our activities in the BlockchainHub Graz – and Twitter for short information around the contest. You can find us @BCHGraz and for the contest we use the hashtag #BCSC16.

Application specific questions
Does my/our idea/project/startup have to use blockchain technology?

Not necessarily, but it has to enrich the ecosystem of blockchain technologies. Some projects are improving the robustness of the network (e.g. Parity while DDoS attack on Geth), or they are only using existing platforms to build on top of it (e.g. IOTA for IoT solutions). You could also make todays platforms more decentralized (e.g. Bitsquare a decentralized Bitcoin exchange) or you could think of new networks which are independent from the internet (e.g. combining BlockchainID and decentralized storage).

What is needed for the application?

You will be guided through a questionnaire on the F6S ( platform and if you have already a profile there, it will be less work … so get started with your profile. We will ask for a short presentation, several specific topics and appreciate a video with you or your team, telling us more about the idea you are working on.

Can we skip F6S registration and send our application direct?

There are several time saving and transparency reasons why we have chosen F6S for the administration of the contest, but the most important one for you is, that once you have created your profile on the platform, you can apply for other contests or accelerator programs within minutes. Also you get lots of bonuses and special offers on that platform, allowing you to save real money for services you need. Therefore, the only way to participate on this contest is via a F6S ( application.

We need to rename our startup on F6S – can you help?

No, unfortunately not – we have no administrative power to do that. Therefore, we advise you to get in touch with the F6S support – they are typically very supportive.

We need to add some data but have already finished the application – can you help?

Yes, just let us know, we can re-open the application for further editing.

When can I apply?

We have started the official application on September 19th, 2016. Please register yourself also for the newsletter so we can keep you posted, follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@bchgraz) to get more information about articles and projects.

Who can see my application?

After the application deadline, the jury will be able to see your input so that they can react on it. Furthermore, also our main sponsors will get full information and contact possibility – this will allow possible co-operation and investment talks during October and beyond.

Do you have an NDA?

No, we do not sign NDAs because our main job is to arrange this contest and give great people and teams with their ideas and projects a chance. If you are afraid that someone might steal your idea and implement it faster than you, you can consider patenting it. Furthermore, you can highlight in your application that you consider legal action in case of IP theft.

What are the pre-requisites for a participation?

None! Well, almost none – we ask for ideas / startups that are not older than 2 years since the last pivot.

Can I apply without a team?

Certainly! Nevertheless, if you want to get things done you should have a plan how you intend to solve the technical challenges.

How will the evaluation be done?

We will compile a group of experts that are able to evaluate economic, social, legal and technical aspects of the idea. Specifically, we will look at the timing, team/execution, idea, business model and social impact. The more comprehensive information you provide the more likely you can win.

Schedule specific questions
When and where is the demo day?

The demo day will be on November 28th, 2016 in Graz at the Headquarter of Energie Steiermark, one of our main sponsors.

What happens between application deadline and the demo day?

During the first 14 days your application will be thoroughly reviewed and you can be asked to provide further information about the project. Then the applications will be reduced to the 20 best proposals, which will be invited to present at the demo day.

Do we have to come to the demo day in person?

No, you do not have to come to the event in person. You can present your project via a Skype call as well. If you want to do proper networking or don’t have to travel very far, we would recommend that you come to Graz for the demo day.

How much time will there be for the presentation?

You will get 4 minutes for the presentation and there will be 4 minutes for questions from the jury.

How many spectators and investors will be at the demo day?

The room we use has a limit of 100 people and we intend to fill it with invited guests that have high interest to help you with your project and can offer possible co-operations.

Do I need to present at the demo day?

We would appreciate the presentation together with the other 19 presentations. But if there are good reasons, why we should make an exception for your project, then we can arrange a separate presentation beforehand.